What Bluetooth headset?

by Carl
(Seattle, WA)

Yes, I know join the modern era, so I did.
What I would like to hear is about a good
Bluetooth headset that works reasonably fine
with the LG420G.

I live in a state/area that is really bad news if
you're holding/using a cell while driving.
Any good suggestions for this cell phone.....TNX

How to pair bluetooth headset

by Joanne
(Catlettsburg, KY)

I am new to bluetooth. I was wondering if someone could tell me how to work it on the this phone. I have the earpiece already.


I usually only use Bluetooth to pair with my PC, but these direction should still work:

You have to pair your headset with the phone. In order to do that, you have to

1. Turn on the bluetooth connection on the phone by going to Menu -> Settings -> Connection ->Bluetooth and select Turn On

2. You have to make your phone visible to the headset by going to Menu -> Settings -> Connection -> Bluetooth -> Settings -> My Visibility and select Visible.

3. Pair the phone with the headset by going to Menu -> Settings -> Connection -> Bluetooth -> Search New Devices.

The phone should find your headset (turned on) so that you can add it.

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Mar 27, 2011
Bluetooth Headset for LG 420G
by: Anonymous

I have my service through Walmart. Customer Service told me only an LG headset works. I tried my Motorolla and nothing.


Sep 20, 2010
LG420G can't find how to use bluetooth
by: Anonymous

I purchased this phone yesterday, one of the reason I got it was because it said on the box bluetooth techonolgy. No where in the booklet dose it tell you how to get it going. I call Tracfone this morning and the man said this phone dose not have bluetooth. Is he wrong why would it say that on the box if it's not true. If anyone knows how to hook it up to blue tooth please let me know how.

Sep 01, 2010
Lots of choices and a warning
by: sb (admin)

Thanks for your question. I believe you just need to pick a good Bluetooth headset. Although you can check the reviews on Amazon or Walmart etc., any one from a well-known brand is probably okay.

Since we're on the topic I feel I should say that talking while driving has been shown to be dangerous even when the driver is using a hands-free headset.


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