What info is available in my Account History?

by sb (admin)

gophone account history info types

gophone account history info types

Q: What info is available in my Account History?
A: You get a lot of detailed information when you login to your account online including information about your voice, text, and data usage in addition to information about refills and adjustments.

When you login you can choose to view your account history for any time period up to 30 days long. All you have to do is pick your start and end date. Once you plug in the dates you'll get a list of your account activity listed by data and time along with a description and the charge associated with the call just as you would expect to see with a normal phone bill (remember those?).

To the right of each item list there is a blue button with an arrow that you can click to see the detail view of that item. For example, for a voice call you can see:

- Type of call (incoming or outgoing)
- Nature of call (local or long distance - rate is the same)
- Number called
- Calling Number
- Call Date
- Call Time
- Time zone
- Call Duration
- Amount charged (for pay as you go plan)
- Service used (none in this case)
- Unit charged (none in this case)
- Call Location

If the item is a text, the call type will be SMS, and for picture message it will be MMS. Accessing the mobile web is listed (for my basic Gophone) as GPRS.

So as you can see, you can get plenty of info, if you want it, about your GoPhone usage.

One more incredible thing I wanted to mention is that it looks like this info is almost available in real time because the message at the top of the list is that this information may be delayed by up to two minutes!

sb (admin)

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