What's my Account Number?

by sb (admin)

gophone account number (phone number)

gophone account number (phone number)

Q: What's my Account Number?
A: I see this question show up every now and then, but the answer is pretty simple: it's your phone number.

When you activate your gophone, you are given a temporary 4-digit PIN. You can then go to either the Pay As You Go or Pick Your Plan login page (depending on your plan) and sign in using the cell phone number of your new gophone and your temporary PIN. After you login the first time, you are asked to change your PIN code. Each time this happens you also receive a (free) text messages on your phone alerting you to the change and confirming the change which can get to be a bit much. Still it's nice that they do that.

If you still have trouble you may want to contact customer service.


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