Where can I buy refurbished phones

by sb (admin)

Q: Where can I buy refurbished phones.
A: You can get good deal on refurbished phones directly on the Straight Talk website. They are usually discounted by about $30 or so. However, if a higher-end model is discounted way below that be a little bit cautious because it may mean that there have been a lot of returns on that handset. However, all the refurbished models I've gotten from them have all worked fine.

Currently these are the refurbished models available in my area:

Huawei Ascend II and Y
Motorola W418g
LG 620g
LG 900g
LG Optimus Q
Samsung Galaxy Precedent

Other areas offer a slightly different selection that includes a couple of CDMA phones such as the LG 220C and Samsung R451C.

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