Where you insert your charger, how to fix it?

by Jamie
(Cantoment, Fl)

Well I've had my Samsung Galaxy Precedent every since they came out brand new, paid $149 for it and it's been through quite some rough times haha but has managed to make it through it all! I really like these phones a lot, they have a thick screen which is great and don't break easily like most other phones. I've actually dropped it in the toilet and it came right back on with no problem, dropped it on the concrete it never shattered or anything dropped it plenty of other times also but not purposely.

But a week or so ago I was riding my baby cousin on the Gator, and she dropped it twice and it hit the floor of the gator (which is metal) pretty hard. My camera is now sorta blurry towards the bottom of pictures and some what all over and also where you insert the charger is broken now.

I've been having to position the charger in there a certain way and tape it so it'll actually stay and charge. But I have to turn my phone off that way it charges if it's on it says it's charging but its like it eats it up and it wont charge.

Now it won't even charge at all what so ever, I have to take my battery out and put it in my sister's phone to charge it! I need help on how to fix it because I cant keep doing this.

Hi Jamie,

I'm not sure what a "Gator" is, but it sounds like this requires a proper repair or a new phone. It might be cheaper to get a reconditioned phone. They only cost about $20 when available but you also have to buy an airtime card with it.

Since these are electrical devices, I really don't want to give advice on poking around in there to fix it.

Something similar has actually happened to a couple of devices we have. Luckily one was still under warranty and replaced. The other one was not and sits around (since the battery in that device is not easily removable).

Good luck.

sb (admin)

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