Where's my sim card?

by Ric
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

I ordered the reconditioned version. It arrived today with the phone, a battery, and the charger, BUT, with NO SIM CARD!

Gee, it's REALLY hard to activate, yet alone use the phone with NO SIM CARD!!! As usual, called Tracfone, was put on hold for 45 minutes, just to end up with nothing and having to have to email Tracfone and ask them to PLEASE send me my sim card.

I started to wonder if it's procedure to NOT send sim cards with reconditioned, or refurbished phones. Stay tuned folks as my Tracfone saga continues!sigh.

2013 Update: This happened to me when I ordered a refurbished LG 840g. They sent me a SIM card - two actually!

sb (admin)

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May 17, 2010
Me, too!
by: John

I ordered the exact same phone, the only difference is when I got the phone 6 days after I ordered it, I was told after 15 minutes that they would send the sim card in "3-5 days". I waited for a week. They had no idea what I was talking about. This time, I got a ticket number. So, I called today with my ticket number to see why after 6 days I had no sim card. I'm trying to find out where I can buy a sim card for this phone when I saw this site with your comment!

Net10 aka Trac Phone are incompetent and not worthy of my business! I'll send this phone back when they send me the money to pay the shipping!

Mar 02, 2010
Return it
by: admin

Hi Ric,

Thanks for your comments. Looks like they messed up.

All the Tracfones I've purchased lately have come with a SIM card already installed in the phone. I just needed to put in the battery. Once I needed to replace a SIM card, and they FedEx-ed it to me.

You can try calling them at a different time to get through. I suggest finding something else to do while you wait so you don't completely waste your time. They'll probably send you a new card right away, but if not, just get an RMA # and send the phone back to them - you can't really use it with any other providers.

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