Why do i have NO SERVICE right now?

by Tammie
(Seaside OR US)

I can't text or make calls. I get a response that states something about not a registered network, however when I go to networks, it shows that I'm connected. Help!

Hi Tammie,

I'm not sure what's going on there. If it's a problem with the network, it's possible that you're out of range or there's a network glitch. If it's a problem with your phone, you can try restarting it, perhaps even taking out the battery so that it's completely without power and then starting it up again.

A related thing I've seen is where you can make calls but cannot text or use data. In that case, it could be that you're on a roaming network. However, that is not your situation, so that's probably not it.

You can try contacting NET10's official customer support here NET10 Contact Page


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