Why does the backlight shut off automatically after a short time

by jim
(brooksville fl)

Motorola EX124g backlight settings

Motorola EX124g backlight settings

Why does this phone shut off automatically after a short time, then have to use the side button to turn back on ,does this phone turn back on by pressing the front buttons.

I unlocked everything possible and yet this phone still shuts off auto, still need to turn it back on by pushing the side button, why cant i use the front button to reactivate?

Hi Jim,

The phone doesn't turn off, only the backlight shuts off. You do have to use the side button to turn the backlight back on.

You can adjust the time before the backlight by going to:

Menu -> Settings -> Phone -> Backlight.

The maximum time of inactivity before the backlight turns off is 59 seconds. Personally I don't mind having to turn the backlight on as much as I do having to unlock it each time. So I usually turn off the keypad auto lock.

Hope this helps somewhat.

sb (admin)

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Nov 01, 2011
ex124g autoshut-off
by: john

I received my EX124G with-in the week. First thing I observed was it needed an extensive charge before it began to operate per the start-up instructions. So I recommend an over-night charge before looking into the function of the phone. Less stressful that way. I would recommend new user to avoid shut down while trying to study this little beauty, set backlight to the 5/59. Next, turn off the Screen saver function, this interacts with the on/off button and causes some start-up delays when backlight setting shut down the display and resembles a "on/off" switch failure to operate.

Ask me how I know. Several times it all came close to a report of defective product call, but I read comments here and other places. That is why I ask you to recommend these initial choices to newbies trying to get started not only on a touch screen but a bluetooth.

Another curious thing I did was store home phone numbers in the contact book in the wrong area. I was setting the phone up for voice activation with Fords installed Micosoft's SYNC program. Voice activation of the bluetooth phone can not find home numbers when there are none and all your entry went beside the cell phone icon. As I did not know any cell numbers nothing got put in beside the home. Don't know what I was thinking, but that how it happened.

Well, the my phone works as it should I did need to active the security lock because I found it already open and on the web coming out of my pocket. Just so I presented my point properly, the screen saver in my case was what really was making a good product act badly.

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