Wicked Cool

by Baileys Mom

Was looking for inexpensive plan for daughter who LOVES to text. Found the $14.99 plan($15.74 total a month) 60 min talk/unlimted text. Customer service has been excellent. Bought second phone for me. I'm keeping the Katana, and she's getting the rumor. Hope it's not junk like almost every review says because it was pretty expensive.

I was paying $26.50 every 3-4 weeks just for my phone with T-mobile pay as you go. Only got 130 talk/text minutes. I'm getting TWO phones for only $5 more with UNLIMITED texting. Very happy about that. At first, we were getting charged the .10/text and the .32 daily usage because the pack i signed up for didn't activate for some reason. Customer service corrected that and refunded the amount we were charged for.

I like being able to go online and see who she is talking/texting to. Looking forward to using the parental controls with the time blocking etc when school starts. Kudos Kajeet!

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