Will incoming calls cost?

by sb (admin)

Q: Will incoming calls cost the owner?
A: Yes. You are charged airtime minutes for both incoming and outgoing calls. You are also charged airtime for some of the GreatCall services on top of the actual service fee.

So for example, you are charged airtime when you check your voicemail, because that involves making an outgoing call. If you sign up for a service like the Daily Check-in call or Medication reminder calls, you are charged airtime for those calls as well. If the service involves daily calls, those minutes do add up, so you should keep that in mind when selecting your which Jitterbug phone plan.

Calls to Customer Support does not cost you airtime. Calls to customer support are for when you are having some trouble with the phone or billing.

Calls to the Operator, however, does cost you airtime. Calls to the Operator are for help using the phone, such as for dialing a number.

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