Will it take 4 business days to transfer minutes. Why?

by Barbara
(Orrington, Maine)

To transfer minutes to a new tracfone it will take 4 business days? Why?

Hi Barbara,

In my own experience, it has not taken more than a day, and usually only a few minutes to transfer the minutes from one Tracfone to another. Going through the code entry mode process can be a pain, but it usually works. Were you told it would take four days by customer service?

There may have been an instance where I've tried to transfer minutes to a phone that needed to be re-activated with a new SIM, so I had to wait for that to arrive. That had to do with their activation process and not with how their minutes worked.

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Dec 17, 2014
Tracfone minutes transfer.
by: EmotionalZombie7997

Sometimes it does take a little longer, especially around the holidays. The last few years when I have transferred service from one phone to another, it has taken around 5 minutes for service to transfer. I have been a Tracfone and/or Net10 customer for 14 years. In the past it would take a few days to transfer service. I am guessing that Tracfone left these old policies in place so that people do not get angry if transferring is not immediate.
I think that the transfer time also differs if you are switching from one kind of phone technology to another. Like from a CDMA phone to a GSM phone.

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