Worked out great for my mother

by Brent D
(Upstate NY)

We bought one for my mother last year and it’s worked out very well. My wife and I considered adding a line to our current cell plan, but doing so would extend our current contract for another year (we want to switch when it’s up).

Jitterbug had exactly what we were looking for. It’s an easy to use cell phone with just the basic features. What it gives her is some security when she’s out and about and needs to make a quick call or if an emergency happens. She doesn’t need voicemail though they do offer it as an add-on service. And she doesn’t need a lot of talk time so the basic 60 minute plan was perfect.

We also bought her a cigarette lighter adapter to be able to charge the phone in the car. That way, she can leave the phone in the car and not worry about bringing it inside to recharge.

Coverage-wise (Northeast) has been good. For us, it was a good alternative to a standard cell provider or pre-paid services.

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