Would have Used it 'til the Cows Came Home

by Joan B
(Wilmington, DE USA)

I had purchased the Motorola V-170 in 2006 from K-Mart for $49.99. This phone is a little workhorse, and I love(d) it. However, I was notified by Tracfone that they no longer support this 2g phone, and they supplied me with a replacement phone. The replacement was junk, so I returned it.

Fortunately, in 2015 I had purchased an LG 440G, so I had Tracfone activate it instead. (Tracfone wanted me to send them my old phone -- the V-170 -- but I refused: I purchased it, and it is my phone even though I can no longer use it.)

The LG appears to be a decent phone, but I will always prefer the Motorola V-170. I liked EVERYthing about it: battery life, back-lit keyboard, sound quality, reliability, good looks, good features, solid construction, etc. The charger that came with it is also of solid construction. I only wish that there was a way to update a 2G phone to a 3G phone! If so, I would continue using my V-170 'til the cows came home! :-)


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Jun 13, 2016
Can't decide where to go from here
by: Grandma G

I received the message I had to update to the 3G & when I received it I was highly disappointed. I expected a phone like the one I was using Samsung Slider which I enjoy because of the separate key board. Was I surprised to get the cheap little phone they sent. I set it up & they didn't even provide transfer of contacts etc. I also bought a Jitterbug touch screen for security. I am still learning use & now they claim a better/easier one to use. I scaled down to to minimum charge & on my last bill I charged 10 cents for each text received/sent. This makes me wonder if I should go back to Tracfone, pay as I go. If I am going to buy a new phone I want a larger screen, 5.5/6". Any comparisons on features/prices out there?

Jun 07, 2016
by: sb

Thanks Joan. It seems you're not alone in how you feel about this phone.

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