Wrong Phone - ZTE Warp

by JW
(Dallas, Texas)

The ZTE Warp phone on their web site is not the one that the instructions are for. The instructions says that it has a front camera and a rear camera. Bought one. It does not have the front camera. Found out that the instructions are for the newer phone the ZTE Warp Sequent TM. Returned the phone. False Advertising.

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May 25, 2013
Wrong Phone-ZTE Warp
by: Emotionalzombie7997


What provider did you buy the ZTE phone from? Did you look up the model of phone that you bought to see if their was an instruction manual on a different website?

Many times the description of the phone model on the providers website is not exactly what you receive. Since prepaid providers can deactivate certain programs and eliminate certain features with in the phone before the phone is sold in the store.

I hope you can find a phone that fits your needs. I would look around this website to find a different provider that has a phone with all the specs. that you desire.

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