5 hours of my life I can't get back.

by CM
(Western Illinois, U.S.A.)

How was yourTracfone Customer service experience?
Horrible! 6 support representatives and 5 hours plus on the phone and I still can't get my new phone (purchased from Tracfone) working. I get a different answer as to why this isn't resolved each time I call. Because of the nature of my work, I need a flip phone so I can keep it out of the dirt and dust. It's not like I have a "smart" phone that can run the entire NASA system. It seems to me that the phone I was sent is defective but no one thinks sending a different phone is a valid idea. If 6 technicians can't figure this out maybe we should try something different. I was notified that my old phone will not work in Feb. 2022 which is why I ordered a new phone. My old phone is working for now and when it no longer functions I will be going to a different carrier.

What happened in the end?
Nothing is resolved. EXTREMELY frustrated and done with Tracfone.

What should they've done differently?
Fix it! I don't think having competent people and systems is asking too much. I realize there can be problems and I think I was fairly accepting for the first 3 representatives but 6 and nothing is resolved? Come on.

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