77 yr old retired man pleased with basic flip phone

I have had this phone for 3 years and am very pleased with it. I wear hearing aids, and if I am careful in how I hold it, I have no problem understanding conversation over this phone, except when there is conflicting noise, which is also true with any conversation, so it is not the phone's fault.

Hello Sir,

Thanks for your comments. Hmm. Despite not-recommending this phone, there has been a slow but steady stream of positive reviews coming in from readers. So I guess the reality is that it's basic but reliable.

sb (admin)

Great for occasional user

by Bob
(Grand Blanc, MI, USA)

I've had my phone for 71 days and it is great for my needs, as I use my phones for 5-10 minutes daily, on average. My only gripe is it came with no owners manual.

My folks bought their phones at Best Buy and the girl told her they could download one at NET10.com, but only found place to download info. on ringtones and graphics. As cellphone newbies, we could use more info on all its uses and instructions. Can you please help me? Thanks!

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