A Cell Phone for Seniors with no User Manual

by John
(Goldsboro, NC, USA)

It is difficult to believe that Tracfone would advertise this phone for seniors and not include a user manual. Seniors are not like young folks, who just push a few buttons and are in full control. I do have a computer while a number of seniors still do not -- including my mother-in-law who we have in mind for this phone as well. I found and downloaded the manual but again some folks cannot do this.

All I was really looking for is how to control the volume which is only done while you are using the phone, but if you don't know that, well you don't know. Such a simple thing and you would think since the phone is advertised for seniors this would be the first thing under "Using the phone".

The advantages of prepaid and the options for this are explained very well. I purchased the phone for my wife who has a severe hearing problem and wears hearing aids. The verdict is not in yet as to her satisfaction with the phone which we purchased for semi-emergency only.

I think for a basic phone without all the "bells and whistles" that seniors would not generally be interested in, this is a good choice.

NOTE: This model has been replaced by the Alcatel A382 large button phone.


Thanks for your detailed and helpful comments. It's interesting that I've answered that volume question about several other Tracfones, so it is something that keeps popping up.

sb (admin)

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Feb 23, 2012
Manual for the T155G TracFone
by: Anonymous

You can get a beautifully laid-out manual for the T155G at this link: http://img.deviceanywhere.com/tracfone/pub/4621/docs/manual.pdf

Jul 01, 2011
still no manual?
by: June

Here it is the first of July and I'm just finding that there is no manual available online as was said in the mini info that came with my new phone. I am a senior who has been struggling to learn a lot of new things, needed a smaller cell phone to pack around and still need a lot of help. The help I got by phone to get started was great, although it took us a long time to get that far.

May 25, 2011
No Manual
by: Anonymous

I've read the other commemts and I agree "Where is the manual"

I've searched the internet for this. At this point in time I cannot find a user manual.

I'm reasonably good at figuring these things out but not this time.


May 06, 2011
Hearin Aid capability
by: Anonymous

This phone is also hearing aid compatible with no instructions as to how to enable this feature. You are left on your own. I could not find the instructions in the manual either. However, after much menu searching under "phone" you can scroll down and find "tcoil" and enable it. Again seniors need to be told how to do this--and it would still be a challenge for many!!

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