Tracfone Samsung t155g Review

Lightweight Basic Phone with Talk, Text and Mobile Web

The Tracfone Samsung T155g is a lightweight, basic flip phone you can use to make calls, send text messages and even access the mobile web. The T155g offers very slight improvements to the candy-bar style T105g by adding the capability to download ringtones.

Most of the other options are basically the same. In fact, this phone was so new in October 2010 that the link for the manual was actually for the T105g. Still, it’s worth going over the features so you know what you’re going to get.

It was marketed as a "Senior Value" cell phone, although it didn't seem particularly designed for seniors. Tracfone finally added the Alcatel A382 which actually has things like large buttons and a bigger brighter screen.


OK Screen and Comfortable Keypad

The color screen is laid out in typical Tracfone style which allows you to quickly access most features.

The keypad is well laid out with the keys nicely separated. The flip phone design gives you a little more space compared to the candy-bar style. You can use the square navigation button with OK in the center to access your frequently used functions. For example, pressing the top part of the square allows you to start composing your text message right away.

Mobile Web Access

With mobile web access you can get the latest sports, news and weather for just the cost of airtime. In addition, you can also download additional ringtones.

The Tracfone Samsung T155g comes with 10 polyphonic ringtones already installed, so I suspect that you can only download similar polyphonic ringtones and not the mp3-type Truetones.

Handsfree Speaker

There is a handsfree speaker option than you can engage when a call is in progress. This may come in handy when you’re doing something else at the same time, though it’s recommended that you do NOT drive while talking on the phone even if you have a hands-free unit.

Tools and Utilities


The T155g has a 200-entry phonebook which lets you store plenty of contact names and numbers. If you need more than this then you should should consider the LG 420g or the Samsung T301g.

In addition you have access to a calculator, calendar, stopwatch, timer and alarm clock.


The calculator comes in quite handy especially when you’re considering whether to make a purchase, get a repair done, etc.


You can store important events or reminders on the phone’s calendar.

Stopwatch and Timer

Other utilities like the stopwatch and timer you will probably use less frequently, though it’s surprising how handy a timer can be. The timer is a feature of the Samsung Tracfones. You won’t find it on the LG models.

Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is always useful when traveling. One drawback is that there isn’t a second external screen to show the time.


Doesn't qualify for Free Shipping and Discount

Another “disadvantage” is that the Samsung T155g at $14.99 does not qualify for free shipping which is available on phones $19.99 and up.


However, you could buy two, one for you and one for a friend to qualify for free shipping.

Physical Characteristics


The T155g weighs just 2.86 ounces making it light in your pocket or purse.

Good Battery Life

The battery life is quite good with a talk time of about 7 hours and a standby time of 14 days. This assumes that you won’t be using the mobile web access a whole lot.

Should You Get One?

Overall, the T155g is a pretty good basic phone. I have found the Samsung phones to be pretty reliable so far, and this should be no different.

Note: The Samsung T255g, an updated version of this phone with a camera and Bluetooth was available with the Straight Talk plan.

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