No ring - Straight To Voicemail

by Betty Winn
(Wenatchee.Wa 98801)

All calls go to voice mail. Somehow the ring is turned off. Worked ok for a while suddenly it does not ring just goes to voice mail.

Hi Betty,

I can think of two things that could be causing this.

Sound Profile

The first possibility is the sound profile on the phone. The phone could be set to silent mode. Usually when this happens, the phone vibrates, but there is an option for the phone to be completely mute, so you don't get a ringtone or a vibration. You can check this by going to:

Menu > Settings > Sound Profiles and see what the setting is. Then highlight the selected profile and select:

Options > Edit

There you should see the "Call Alert Type". If it is set to Ring or Vibrate, then that's okay, but if it is set to Silent, then you need to change it to Ring or Vibrate, and that should solve the problem.

Call Reject

The second possibility is that the phone has somehow set to reject calls from all Unknown Callers. This would be all phone numbers that are not saved in your Contacts list.

To check this, go to:

Menu > Settings > Call > All Calls > Auto reject and see if it is activated. If it is, turn it off.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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