A good basic phone for my company

by LM Pickett

If you're looking for the newest and fanciest technology, it's admittedly not the phone for you. However, this is the phone which my company happens to use, and I have found it to be a quite decent, basic, serviceable phone.

I like that it's a flip phone, so you don't have to be concerned with random button mashing. The keyboard is quite easy to use, and fairly easy to text with. It is equipped with speaker phone, which has decent but not spectacular sound quality.

Sound quality during phone calls is quite good, and the phone is comfortable to use. The lack of a camera is a slight drawback, but since most people buying this phone are not looking for the latest tech stuff, I don't think it's a huge detraction.

The W260g holds plenty of phone numbers, I have over 300 work numbers stored, just as reference, and there's room for more. Overall, a very serviceable phone for an excellent price.

Reluctant user - but like it

by Anonymous

Sometimes when you change towers, you need to ring the same number several times. Usually by the third time, it switches and you call most anywhere.

Haven't been able to change ringtones, although I go to the right tile. It only gives the same option numerous times.

Was trying to understand "messages." I know I can send them (which I don't), but I don't understand how I am getting them (since I never set it up).

I just don't listen to my incoming recorded messages. Too many of them were just ads or recordings that chewed up my minutes.

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