Alarm Sound Settings

by Michael

LG 500g alarm settings

LG 500g alarm settings

Do you know how to set the LG 500g alarm volume? Currently it goes off at full volume. Setting the main volume at 1 using the buttons on the side of the phone seems to have no effect.

Hi Michael,

You can adjust how the alarm sounds in a couple of different ways. Once you turn on an alarm and set the time, there are a few options available.

Choose your Own Alarm Sound

The first is that you can actually choose the mp3 file that the alarm plays - so if you want a softer sound, you can choose a one of the default sounds or ringtones or even voice recordings that's at the volume you would like. If none of those are soft enough for you, you can upload your own mp3 to the phone and use that as your alarm sound.

Set it to Vibrate Instead

An extreme solution would be to set the Alarm to Vibrate instead of Ring (You can also set it to ring and vibrate.) This solves the volume problem but may cause you to miss the alarm altogether.

Set the Alarm to Ascending

If you're quick to react, you can set the alarm to Ascending so that the ring slowly increases to full volume. This means it's not as jarring when you first hear it, but makes sure that you eventually will.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Sep 05, 2011
Thanks sb (admin)
by: Anonymous

I've picked a quieter default sound and set it for ascending. It's much better now.Thanks again for the help.

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