Audio not too good

by Jim
(Spartanburg, SC, USA)

Quality construction with poor audio both incoming and transmitting.

Made one call to a friend and he said, "I hate to burst your bubble but this audio stinks compared to your old phone." Then called my wife who asked, "Who is this?" Gave it to wife who rarely talks on it and sends a few text messages. Don't know if I got a lemon or this is common to this LG 600g model.

Audio cuts out

By Anonymous

I have owned this phone for a year now. The one problem I continue to have is in the middle of a call I can hear the other person but they cannot hear me and therefore hang up. It happens sporadically and with no real rhyme or reason to it.

A Net 10 customer support person told me it is my reception. It is not! I can have 4 bars of reception and it will do it. I can sit in the same spot and not move and it will do it, or not do it. It is frustrating. Never know if and or when it will have this glitch.

I really do like the phone otherwise for calling and texting. I don't use the web, bluetooth or games so I cannot really rate them.

I would give the LG 600g 4.5 out of 5. Would I buy another one? Probably would look at a different model personally. I will use this one till it is completely dead.

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