Awesome Slider Phone

by Cheryl

I've only had it 5 days and just got it hooked up with minutes 2 days ago. I love all the features, there are quite a few. Perfect size for me and the screen is a really good size, larger than most phones of this size.

The slider part is great at protecting the keys and when it's closed it locks the keys which is a nice feature, once you slide it open it unlocks automatically. You can also unlock the LG 620g without sliding it open by clicking the unlock button which is actually the Menu Button when it's unlocked.

I also really love the Feature where I can Remove the Information that scroll's at the bottom of the screen with your Minutes Left and Time left information on it. I remember way back when I had a TracFone and the information could not be taken off the screen at all and you had to put up with the junk being all over your screen clogging it up. I could never figure out why they made it before so that you couldn't remove it from your screen, because if you want to know the minutes and time you have left all you have to do is look in the Menu under PrePaid.

Well,that's about all for now. I may write another Review after I've used it for awhile and see how it operates.

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