Net10 LG 620g Review

Bluetooth Slider Phone with MP3 player, 1.3 MP Camera

The Net10 LG 620G is a Bluetooth-enabled slider phone with music player and 1.3 megapixel camera that also takes video. It’s a newer model than the Motorola EM326g which is another slider phone with similar features that is also available under the Net10 plan.

lg 620g

Good 1.3 Megapixel Camera

I wondered how the 1.3 megapixel camera on this phone would compare to the one on the Samsung T401g and the LG 290C. I am pretty happy with the photos from the former, but not so much from the latter. The good news is that the pictures on the LG 620g are really nice.

Another good thing, in my opinion, is the fact that the lens is exposed even when the slider is closed. So you can take pictures without having to slide open the phone as you do on some other phones. However, one downside to that is that the plastic covering the lens can pick up a few more scratches over time.

1.3 MP camera

Download Pictures to PC via Bluetooth

You can upload and download pictures to your PC through Bluetooth (which is what I did) or with a USB cable (purchased separately). I had no problems pairing the 620g up with my laptop and uploading a couple of photos I took to test the camera.

The phone comes with an internal memory of about 10 MB. Some of that is used by the phone itself, but it leaves enough to store about 30 megapixel images on the phone. To store additional photos and other files you can add a microSD card.

MicroSD Slot

When I first looked at the phone’s exterior, I didn’t find a slot for the microSD card. One of my first thoughts was, “Oh no! Is this just like the LG290C?” which doesn’t have a microSD slot. Curious, I opened the battery cover.

lg 620g microsd card slot

There, below where the battery goes, I saw a spot for inserting a microSD card.

Whew! That was a relief.

Music Player and FM Radio

MP3 Player

Now you can really make use of the mp3 music player to store and play your favorite songs. You can upload them via Bluetooth (recommended) or cable.

FM Radio

You can also listen to your favorite FM radio station. All you need is a handset and you’re ready to check out all the talk radio you want or can stand.

Web Browsing

The LG 620g offers Net10’s version of the web browsing experience. You can go to just any site, but you can use the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing as well as the email systems associated with them. You can also check the weather at (something I do to check what the temperature will be when the bus comes). You can also check the latest sports news (and real news) as well as things like movie times.


The Net10 LG 620g come with Sudoku and Mini-Games Planet pre-installed, but you can always download more games.


The Sudoku game plays pretty well on this phone. The screen resolution and contrast are high enough to really make the numbers stand out even in such a small area. The numbers are in black on light squares which seems a little easier to read than white numbers on a dark background. On the other hand, this format may use slightly more power.

Mini-Games Planet

Mini-Games Planet, as the name indicates, is really made up of a lot of small games. The games are organized into levels in a way. As you do well in one game you are granted access to the other games and more characters. These games are also included in the LG 420g sold by Tracfone and were quite a hit with my son a couple of months ago.

LG 620g Basic Features

slider keypad


Text Messaging

Text messaging is pretty straightforward on this phone. Text messages cost 0.5 units to send and receive, so the cost varies depending on which type of airtime card you are using. On the 10 cents per minute airtime cards, one unit costs 10 cents so each text costs 5 cents each. On the 30 day 750 minute cards, text cost about 1.7 cents each.

Picture Message

There is an initial deduction of 1.0 units for sending a picture message. In addition, you are charged airtime for the time it takes to send the message. If you’re sending a large photo or doing so from an area where with low signal strength then it will take some time to send and cost more airtime.

Ringtones and Graphics

MP3 Ringtones

Although the official description of the Net10 LG 620g indicated it was supposed to come with just Polyphonic ringtones, the actual ringtones supplied with the phone are all mp3 ringtones. You have the option to use those, upload additional ringtones to your phone from your PC via Bluetooth or buy additional ringtones from Net10’s website for a small fee.

I did check that I could successfully upload a small mp3 file to the phone and set it as the ringtone.


You can also add graphics to use as your wallpaper either by using the camera or uploading graphics to the phone. You can also download additional graphics from Net10's site in exchange for airtime.

Tool and Utilities

620g menu

Handsfree Speaker

You can use the handsfree speaker if you’re in a group and you all want to join in a conversation.

Voice Recorder – Lots of Uses

The voice recorder is useful for making mental notes or practicing a short speech.

I’ve recently found a new use for it as well: curing writer’s block. My daughter was having trouble with a homework question. She knew the answer but could figure out how to write it down. I asked her to use the voice recorder function to record what she wanted to say and then write down what she had recorded. She did, and it worked great!

Alarm Clock

A cell phone has the potential of being the most useful kind of alarm clock for you if you always have it with you and you charge it at night at your bedside table. Even if you fall asleep on the couch, if you have your phone with you, you’ll still hear the alarm. The only complication is you then sometime have multiple alarms going off!

Physical Characteristics


The LG 620g phone weighs only 3.14 ounces which is pretty good for a slider phone as the slider rails add a little bit of weight compare to a brick style or even flip style phone.

OK Battery Life

The talk time is about five hours which is just okay. The standby time is nine days, which is slightly below average. So if this will be your everyday phone, I recommend charging it every night. (I’m told lithium-ion batteries are okay with frequent charging.)

Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) rating M3/T3

This has the lower M3/T3 HAC rating. Ideally, if you need this feature you’d want a phone with an M4/T4 rating. You could still try it out however if you like the phone otherwise.

Get One?

Overall, the Net10 LG 620g seems to be a good prepaid phone with a lot of useful and fun features. As a Net10 phones you have a couple of different airtime options one of which will probably fit your requirements.

Straight Talk Version

This phone is also available with the Straight Talk plan.

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