Experience. Good...and bad.

by Scott
(Astoria, OR)

Not the best picture. But this phone definitely takes great pictures.

Not the best picture. But this phone definitely takes great pictures.

I've used several different pre-paid plans as I'm constantly couch-hopping and homeless and can't afford a full contract; nor do I 'need' a big smartphone or whatever the 'cool kids' have. Recently I went to the store to look at a new phone and came across the LG620G phone. It was on sale for the same price as the 'not-so-great' phone one step down from this one. So I bought it with low expectations along with an unlimited talk, text, and web browsing card.

Upon playing with the phone a bit, I realized that it was well worth the money I spent. It had everything AND more than what my sister's contract Env2 phone had. Sure it wasn't top notch quality, but it for sure got the job done! And at half the price might I add! $50 a month for unlimited everything. Who can beat that? It has a light weight, but heavy enough to where it doesn't get that 'cheap feel'. It is a slider with light up keys that 'click' when pushed so you know that you hit the key. The LCD screen is much better than any pre-paid I've used in the past and has some great features that will apply because of it.

It has a mounted camera you can use whether the phone is open, or closed and is 1.3 Megapixels. The quality of the pictures are surprisingly great!

Now...for the bad.

There haven't been any real bad problems other than one, which has frustrated me tremendously. But upon looking into it, it seems that there are just an unlucky few that get a defected phone...I am one of those people.

Everything will work fine and then randomly the entire screen will go blank white. The only thing you can then do is to mash buttons until it fixes or take the battery out for 10 seconds or so, replace it, and wait a few minutes before turning it back on.

This doesn't ruin the phone for me, but it is extremely annoying. I want to see if I can return it for another copy of the same phone as I am otherwise very pleased with it but I want to keep my contacts and phone number. I was lucky enough to end up with an easy to remember number and I have trouble remembering my own numbers! Haha! Think about it though, how often do you call yourself?

Pleased owner,

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Feb 11, 2011
Thanks for your detailed comments
by: sb (admin)


Thanks for the detailed comments. Hope you get a replacement from Net10. Nice panda pic!


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