Internet ate my minutes

by Sean
(Syracuse NY)

Over all I like the phone but all to often it becomes unlocked in my pocket and because the internet soft key is on the right it connects to the internet and my minutes tick away into the ether.

Hi Sean,

I like the "ether" reference. Yeah, it doesn't look like you can reprogram the right softkey. However, you can add an unlock code at:

Menu -> Settings -> Phone Settings -> Security -> Phone Lock.

The drawback is that since this is a slider phone, you will have to slide it open to enter the unlock code to make calls. Once you've set a security code, the phone goes into full lock mode after a few seconds.

Just after using the phone, it goes temporarily into the auto-unlock mode where you just need to press "Yes" to unlock. However, a few seconds later it goes into full lock mode.

sb (admin)

Not opening my pic messages

by T.Ramirez
(Olahoma OK)

I got this phone and it will not open the pic messages. It will send them but not receive them. Oh well it's still a good phone for the price. I will get another phone that will receive and OPEN my pic messages.

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