Net10 Motorola EM326g Review

MP3 Music Player and Megapixel Camera

The Net10 Motorola EM326g slider phone features an MP3 music player, FM radio, 1.3 megapixel digital camera and Bluetooth connectivity. This was the first phone from either Net10 or Tracfone to feature either a music player or a megapixel camera, so two huge leaps forward in enjoyment there.

We'll eventually take a look at some of the basic features but first let's get straight to the goodies.

Motorola EM326g

1.3 Megapixel Camera

Yes, the Motorola EM326g was, I believe, the first Net10 phone with a 1.3 megapixel camera.

Share using Picture Messaging, Bluetooth and USB

em326 digital zoom

You can share your photos via picture messaging. You can also download your pictures to your computer via either USB connector or via Bluetooth.

Since the photos are megapixel size, they have to be downsized to send as picture messages. You can download the full resolution photos directly.

EM326g Music Player, FM Radio & Voice Recorder

MP3 Player

The Motorola EM326g has an MP3 music player. There is an SD card slot, so you can store your music and podcasts onto an SD card and drop it into your phone. You have to get a cable and SD card separately.

You need a headset for the MP3 player function and also for the radio.

FM Radio

If you're a fan of a talk show or like the (slightly) random playlist of a music station, you can use the FM radio on your EM326g.

Or you can listen to the sound of your own voice.

Voice Recorder

Yes, you can record your own voice and play it back. This is great for making simple lists or "mental notes". One other great use of the voice recorder is to practice for public speaking or one-to-one presentations.


You can use a Bluetooth headset with this phone for conversations and also to download stuff stored on the memory card.

Basic Features

Slider Phone

The EM326g was the first Net10 slider phone. The main advantage of a slider phone is that there more room for either a larger screen or a second keypad. In this case, the extra space is used for a second keypad - basically the music buttons for controlling the mp3 music player functions. Then you slide the front up for the numerical keypad. Soon after, Net10 carried the Samsung T401g and the LG 620g as well.

Lightweight and Compact

The EM326g weighs less than 3 ounces which is about standard these days. Considering the added capabilities, that's pretty good, actually.

Battery Life

The talk time is a healthy 8 hours. The standby time is a decent 12 days.

Here are a few more features, you may or may not care about. I personally like the flashlight myself.

Hands-free Speaker

Yes, there's a handsfree speaker. Good in a pinch when your hands are otherwise occupied, but you still shouldn't talk and drive if you can avoid it.


Yes the flash light is back and can come in handy when you get home and porch light is not on.

You may also want to know there is an alarm clock, a 1000-entry phone book, twenty-five ringtone plus vibrate to choose from. You can also buy downloadable ringtones and graphics directly from Net10 if you're into that.


Take a look at the Net10 Motorola EM326g Manual (PDF file) to find out more.

Get One?

If you've been looking for a prepaid cell phone with a music player and a megapixel camera, the Net10 Motorola EM326g was a great option. If you're still looking for a basic Motorola music phone from Net10, you can try the W408g flip phone.

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