Best phone for $15 200 Minute monthly autopay plan

by Richard
(Greenfield, MO, USA)

My wife and I are still on the older NET10 plan where we automatically get 200 minutes each month for $15. I have accumulated a great many minutes and my wife has more than 300 at the moment.

Finding a Phone with Better Texting Capabilities

What I find perplexing is trying to locate a more modern phone, one that offers better texting capabilities than our current Motorola phones (408G I think). Eyesight has become more of an issue for both of us and that makes the Motorola even more difficult to use.

Can you offer any advice on which phone might be a great choice for us?


Hi Richard,

Yes, that plan is indeed pretty good and convenient as I was on it for a bit. You can use any of the feature phones (i.e. not smartphones) with that plan.

On the Official Site

When I checked NET10 still offered the LG 900g, the Samsung T404g, and the Huawei H215g, but the offers on those handsets are inconvenient as you also have to buy one of their $50 unlimited cards offers. This isn't useful to you because you don't want to switch your phone to the unlimited monthly plan. You could actually switch back and forth, but I would NOT recommend that anymore as you have to call customer support to switch the plans. I did that once, and they botched it the first time nearly causing me to lose my number.

Try eBay or Amazon?

One option is to get one from eBay. Please read my list of buying tips, but disregard the last one about not buying an outdated model as that doesn't apply here. Make sure to get the Net10 version of the phone and not the Straight Talk or Tracfone version.

Another option is Amazon where the same tips would apply.

Models I saw available those sites include these Samsung models with QWERTY keyboards: T401g, R355C, S390G, and S380C.

Can Also Use a non-Smartphone Touchscreen Model

Note, although you spoke about texting, a touchscreen feature phone (not a smartphone) would also work with your plan. Examples of these are phones like the LG 840g.

Get the NET10 Version

Some of those links above go to reviews of the Tracfone and Straight Talk versions of those phones. However, when you purchase, again, make sure to get the Net10 versions of the phone otherwise you won't be able to activate it on your plan.

Hope this helps.


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