Can you check in on facebook?

by rachel
(los angeles, ca, usa)

I've tried to check in to places on facebook with LG 900g, but I can't figure out how. Is this even possible on this phone?

Hi Rachel,

You may be able to in a roundabout way. Usually, phones use GPS or the WiFi network to acquire location in order to check in on Facebook and other location-based sites. This facility it available on most smart phones today. The 900g does not have GPS or WiFi so it can't do that.

Cell Phone Tower Triangulation?

It seems to be possible to for the phone to use cell phone tower triangulation to figure out your approximate location. (This is how cell phones work anyway - they have to know which "cell" you're in). I read a couple of pages I found via Google to see if that facility was available to able to check in on Facebook, and it doesn't appear to be. There was an article from about a year ago that reported some success, but I couldn't find a way to make it work today.

Roundabout Way: Foursquare

Finally, I thought there must be some other way, and I think I've found one. What you can do is create a account and set your location there. Then every time you want check-in you can do so on that site. Once you create your Foursquare account on your computer, you can go to on your LG 900g, login to your account and check-in.

Connect Foursquare to Facebook

In the settings on your Foursquare profile, you can connect your profile to Facebook by install the Foursquare Facebook app on your Facebook profile. What this does is enable your Foursquare check-ins to be posted on Facebook. Once that's set up, you should be able to check-in via the foursquare app and get that posted to Facebook.

It's not the same as simply checking in through Facebook, but it does let your friends know where you are.

If this is too clunky for you, you might consider the new no-contract Android phones from Straight Talk and Net10. They're cool, but they require the $45 and $50 per month plans.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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