Cheap refurb better than newer phone

by pricetech

I started out with a cheap, featureless, refurb which actually worked. Foolishly I expected a new phone to work too. I was wrong.

It started with weak audio and dim display. A search for more information on the phone since I prefer reading manuals over punching buttons to see what happens led me to discover the "new" phone was in fact a discontinued model which was never meant for the US market. It was unsupported by the manufacturer because of the terms of the contract between them and trac, the parent company of net10.

I'll save you the gory details and just say that two phones and much much grief later I'm trying to resurrect the featureless refurb so I can put my airtime there to keep from losing it.

Oh, and please don't tell people they can't find free ringtones. They're all over the place, and with a little time and free software you can make your own.

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