Refurbished Tracfone Phones

Refurbished Tracfones can save you a bit of money over buying new. I’ve bought a couple of refurbished phones for testing now, and they seem just as good as the new ones.

Warranty on Refurbished Phones

In addition to the 30-day money back guarantee, both new and refurbished handsets have one-year limited warranties. The warranty on a new handset is administered by Tracfone (presumably on behalf of the manufacturer), while the warranty on the refurbished handset is from Tracfone itself.

In either case, that's long enough to know whether you got a good one or a lemon. After that, the only thing that really matters is how often and on what surfaces you drop it.

Tracfone warranty on refurbished phones

Note: Tracfone uses the term "reconditioned".

Refurbished Smartphones

These are the refurbished handsets currently available from Tracfone. 

Reconditioned iPhones

  • iPhone SE 2 64 GB $94.99 - available in (RED), White or Black
  • iPhone 11 64GB $164.99 - available in Black
  • iPhone XR $99.99 - available in Black

Reconditioned Samsung Phones

  • Samsung Galaxy A32 5G $149.99
  • Samsung Galaxy A11 $34.99
  • Samsung Galaxy A12 $74.99
  • Samsung Galaxy A10e $24.99
  • Samsung Galaxy A01 $14.99
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 $14.99

Reconditioned Motorola Phones

  • Moto G Play $59.99
  • Moto G Power $74.99
  • Moto G7 Optimo $39.99
  • Moto G Stylus $49.99

Reconditioned LG Phones

  • LG Reflect $69.99
  • LG Solo LTE $19.99
  • LG Journey LTE $9.99

Reconditioned Alcatel TCL Phones

  • TCL 4X 5G $109.99
  • TCL A3X $29.99

Older Refurbished Tracfones

Here are a few older phones included on the list because they had been reviewed on this site. 

LG Optimus Dynamic

The Optimus Dynamic is a basic smartphone suitable for web, email, YouTube etc. The limited memory means you can't add many apps.

ZTE Midnight

The ZTE Midnight is yet another Android 2.3 phone. This one has a 3.5 inch screen.

Feature Phones

Refurbished feature phones available once included these flip phones and QWERTY phones.

LG 900G

The LG 900g vertical QWERTY handset has been out awhile, but it is still great for things like texting. It can run Java apps, but is somewhat limited in that regard.

Samsung T404g

The Samsung T404g QWERTY slider has a well-laid out keyboard and fairly large screen for this type of device.

Samsung S275g

The Samsung S275g has a couple of nice features for a flip phone, including a modest but versatile camera.

LG 840g 29.99

LG 840g touchscreen with WiFi capability. Normally costs 59.99. Sometimes available for 29.99 refurbished.

LG 800g bundle $24.99

Refurbished LG 800g bundle includes the refurbished phone and a 60 minute airtime card (worth 180 minutes on this triple minutes phone) for 49.99. A double minutes version of this phone is also available as a 29.99 bundle with an airtime card. For most people, the triple minutes phone bundle is a better deal even though it costs more.

Samsung S390G bundle $19.99

Refurbished Samsung S390G QWERTY phone with WiFi capability plus $20 airtime card  is offered for 19.99 or free with an airtime card depending on which version you wanted.

Motorola EX124g bundle 29.99

The Motorola EX124g touchscreen phone with stylus, 3 MP camera and email client is available as a refurb bundle for $29.99.

LG 300g bundle $25

From the high to the low. The basic LG 300g can be had along with a $25 airtime card. No web or downloads on this one, and so the battery seems to last forever.

Samsung T201g bundle $25

If you want a basic flip phone instead, you could give this Samsung T201g a go. You can store a limited number of contacts on this phone.