Compared to LG 420g and Samsung T245g?

by "Wally"
(Rockford, IL)

I'm looking at purchasing a newer Tracfone with Bluetooth capabilities and web browser. However, after reading a number of the comments listed on your Lg 420g review page, I'm having real doubts about LG phones, their receptivity, and battery longevity, LG phones locking up unexpectedly, etc.

I'm also considering the Samsung T245g. Is this newer LG 430g better than its predecessor? Is the T245G better than either of these LG models?

Hi Wally,

Here's a quick rundown, as I see it.

Comparison to LG 420g

The LG 430g has a larger screen, better camera and more responsive web browser than the LG 420g. The comments about the latter have accumulated on the review page over the last couple of years, so there are bound to be a few negative comments. Personally, I thought it was a great phone for the price and personally never had any issues with it. Comparing the two, the main advantage of the Lg 420g is that having a smaller screen, it is a little lighter and more balanced in your hand, but I suspect one would quickly get used to how the 430g feels in your hand, too.

Comparison to Samsung T245g

The Samsung T245g has a worse screen and web browsing experience. It does have Bluetooth capability, but only for connecting to headsets and hands-free devices. You cannot use it to transfer your photos. You have to use picture messages instead which cost you airtime. When I reviewed it, I noted that it was similar to the Samsung T255g which is sometimes available from Straight Talk. The T255g turned out to have really good reception as I found out on a trip to Philadelphia. Based on the similarity, I guessed that the T245g would also have good reception so I still gave it a fairly positive review.


I checked the coverage maps for Rockford, IL. AT&T shows a mixture of "Best" and "Good" coverage with a few spots of "Moderate". The shades of green on the T-Mobile coverage map are a little hard to read, but it looks like good coverage for them as well. Since there's an airport there, I would think that coverage in general would be pretty good, but I'm not familiar with the area. Since the LG 430g is a GSM phone it will be on one of those two networks.

While I can't be certain about the signal reception compared to your current phone, overall, I would guess that the LG 430g, being a newer phone, will probably perform better.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Sep 12, 2012
LG 430g reception
by: Anonymous

I have an LG430g and live in a little town in southeast Missouri. We only have 1 cell tower in over a 15 mile range. I have had no problems with signal loss until I get about 3 hills up the highway into a certified dead zone. I am happy with my reception sofar. Hope this helps, since you are in an area with a much higher population. In this town is a verizon tower only. I am in Fredericktown, Missouri (check that location on a map...not anything big anywhere near us except hills).

Jul 08, 2012
What has better coverage?
by: Anonymous

Dont know which one of these to buy...probably will get the lg430. I wish these were cdma phones. my main concern is coverage. if one of these phones has a better antenna and wont go dead in rural areas.

Mar 20, 2012
Thank You
by: "Wally"

Thank you for your comments and quick response. I really appreciate it.

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