Tracfone LG 420g Review

Cute Compact Flip Phone

After testing the Tracfone LG 420g, I could say that it was one of the best flip phone you could get from Tracfone. It is still a good phone for casual use if you can find one.

Table of Contents

1 - Camera and Bluetooth

2 - Mobile Web & More

3 - User Reviews & Questions

Update: LG 440g Available

A newer version is now available. The 440g adds a better camera, text to speech, and a senior mode.

Previous versions like the 430g may be available from other sources like eBay etc.

LG 420g flip phone

Double Minutes

It’s available as a double minutes phone. When you add a 60 minute airtime card, you get 120 minutes. The early versions of the LG 420g, like mine, were not double minutes phones. Since both types may still be floating around, if you get a used model from a store or from someone, make sure you get the double minutes version. Tracfone now only sells the double minutes version. There are no triple minutes version of this phone.

So let’s get to the features.

Camera and Bluetooth

VGA Camera

LG 420g VGA camera

The 420g has a VGA resolution (640 x 480) camera just like the Samsung T301g. This is good enough for informal photos taken with friends for sharing via picture message and maybe okay for sending to email, or just keeping on your phone to look at later. You can take store over 100 photos at the VGA setting and almost 200 at the lower resolution (320 x 240) setting. There are a few settings you can tweak like the white balance. You can also set it to burst mode which take a few shots in rapid succession, which is sometimes useful in capturing just the right facial expression.

(Update: Tracfone has come out with many GSM phones with megapixel cameras such as the Motorola EX124g (3MP), Samsung T404g (2 MP), LG 840g (2 MP) and LG 500g (1.3 MP).


The phone also has Bluetooth support, so you can pair it up with a wireless hands-free headset. The recommendation, now, is never to use your phone while driving.

File Transfer

You can also transfer files using Bluetooth. This is great if you want to transfer your pictures to your computer for storing or emailing later and don’t want to use up extra airtime by sending them via picture message.

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LG 420g camera lens external screen