Compared to Motorola W376g

by Meggie
(New York City)

I had the Motorola W376g from Tracfone. Liked it better than this phone - better camera, easy to text in T9 mode instead of ABC, easier to insert symbols. However, the Motorola would lose service constantly. For example, I would lose service every time I got in an elevator and the service would not come back unless I went outside to "find" the network. Then I had to call my voicemail and not disconnect until I was in my apartment. The LG420G NEVER goes out of service.

Sometimes with the Motorola, when I'd try to send pictures, they wouldn't get sent and I'd lose minutes. The LG420G always sends pictures very quickly. Also much easier to access the web with the LG420G.

The most frustrating feature of the LG420G is the lack of a manual. Tracfone does not provide a manual - just a stupid "quick start" guide. I contacted LG customer service and was told no manual exists.


Thanks for your phone comparison! I just wanted to mention that T9 texting is available on the LG 420g. You can even toggle back and forth:

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