Motorola Tracfone Models

Many Motorola Tracfone models are currently available:

  • Moto G Stylus 5G (XT2131) $219.99
  • Moto G Stylus (XT2115) $99.99
  • Moto G Power (XT2165) $99.99
  • Moto G Pure (XT2163) $59.99

Previously Available Motorola Smartphones

Previous model numbers used to have a "C", "E", “V” or a "W" in front, though there were exceptions. not anymore. If you are set on using a Motorola phone with your Tracfone service, then your best option is probably to get an unlocked phone from someplace like Amazon.

For example, you could get a Motorola G6 Play with 32GB storage for $189.99 exclusively from Amazon if you have their Prime membership. You can go higher with the full Moto G6 for 234.99 or lower with the Moto e4 for 124.99.

Another option is eBay. The Moto G5 Plus was spotted there for $129.99

Moto e 119.99 

Introduced briefly in December 2014 and reintroduced in February 2015, the Moto e is the first Motorola smartphone offered for Tracfone joining their growing Android line-up. The e is an Android 4.4 phone with a good 4.3 inch qHD screen and a 5 MP (fixed focus) camera.

This model is also available on no-contract plans from Net10, Straight Talk, Republic Wireless and US Cellular.

Republic Wireless plans offer a lower monthly cost, while US Cellular focuses on providing service in certain areas of the country. They have a sale on the e, but their plans cost a little more.

You're probably familiar with Net10 and Straight Talk. If you're not, then you can find all the plan descriptions right here on this site.



tracfone motorola ex124g

This Motorola Tracfone has a 3.2 inch display, 3.0 megapixel camera and music player. The most advanced Tracfone model yet, it comes with Triple Minutes for Life thus lowering your airtime costs. That makes this phone a good deal at its regular price and a great deal as part of a refurbished bundle.

QWERTY Keyboard


This double minutes QWERTY keyboard phone has a 2 MP Camera, Mobile Web, and and MP3 player. It accommodates up to 32 GB memory cards. Review.

motorola ex431g

Flip Style


motorola tracfone W376g

Tracfone's first Bluetooth-enabled phone also has a camera. See the full W376g review. This phone combines a lot of features and offer double minutes for life as well.

This model has run its course, but it is sometimes available as a refurbished unit.

Discontinued Motorola Tracfone Handsets


When first introduced, this was the most stylish of the bunch. It looks a little like a Razr. The icons on the external screen alert you to new voicemails and messages. On the other hand, other Tracfones have a different ring for text messages versus phone calls.

One plus is the lack of a pointy antenna sticking out. W370 review.


The W260g is a compact basic flip style phone with Crystal Talk Voice enhancement. W260g review.


This basic flip phone is a little more stylish than the V176 and V170. No fancy features, but will do the job. One plus: a big phonebook – you can store up to 500 numbers. However if you’re planning on calling that many people, then you’re probably better off with a standard cell phone plan, not a prepaid plan.


Small reliable basic Tracfone with a slightly larger screen than the old V170.


Reliable (we had one) basic flip phone with a small color screen. This is a slight nuisance when you read text messages or use the calculator. Good phone otherwise, though. Full V170 review.


This was the first camera phone offered by Tracfone. To share your pictures or just get them out of the phone, you have to message them to your email account, which costs you airtime. This is true for all the camera phones. The screen is nice, though, after a year of use, it does get a little dusty. C261 Review.


This open face style basic phone features a long battery life and Crystal Talk voice enhancement. W175 review.


Their most basic phone has stubbornly stuck around. Refurbished ones are sometimes available “free” online if you buy $20 worth of airtime, and they throw in another $20 airtime card in as well. It does the job and seems to be reliable. Plus when it breaks down, you won’t have any qualms about dumping or recycling it.

You can even get a pink C139 for $24.99 with the double-minutes for life feature.


It was probably a decent phone, but the look of it annoys me. The screen area has a lot of wasted space around it, and the circular menu button with the up, down, left, and right arrows is too small.


The only non-flip-style to have a protruding antenna.

Which One to Get

Currently, the EX124G or the EX431G are the ones to get depending on whether you want a QWERTY keyboard phone or a touchscreen.