Get a Pink Tracfone Motorola C139?

Should you get a pink Tracfone Motorola C139 with double minutes for life? Okay so you don’t have a lot of choices in colors with Tracfone handsets. As a rule they come in silver, gray or black.

2012 Update: Discontinued

The C139 is no longer offered. Other open-face style phones offered are the S150g, S125G and the LG 500g.

The regular black C139 cost about $10 when it’s available, but it doesn’t include the double minutes feature. The pink one cost $24.99

Are there any other options. There may be. In certain areas you can get the Pink Kyocera K126c instead for $14.99 with an accessory kit. Now this is not a double minutes phone, but it is pink.

These are both really basic features that don’t let you do much other than call or send text messages. Though, that may be all you want. Among those two, Motorola is the better deal because of the double minutes for life feature.

A few more colorful options

If you're stuck there are a couple of options.

Phone Skin

One option in getting a Tracfone with some color is to use a cell phone skin. One month, Tracfone was offering a free Skinit worth $14.99 with any phone order $29.99 and up. The Motorola W376g camera at $29.99 was perfect for that.

Color Cell Phone Case

Another option is to transfer the color requirement to your accessories. For example if you get one of the new Samsung T301g slider phones, you also get a free Trac pac cell phone holder which come in red and black. Unfortunately, you can’t choose your color, though mine came in red!

The Cost of Fashion

How much will these colorful phones cost me for the year?

If you buy a Motorola C139 with double minutes for life for $24.99 and buy just the absolute minimum $20 airtime cards every 90 days, you’ll spend about $105 plus taxes for the year, and that includes the cost of the phone. Using those four cards you’ll get 500 minutes of airtime for the year. This comes from doubling the minutes on those airtime cards and adding the 20 minutes you get for activating your phone. Plus you may get a few extra bonus minutes with any promo codes available at the time.

Under the same scenario, you can get the Pink Kyocera K126C Cell Phone, Accessory Kit package which will cost you $95 plus taxes including the phone but you’ll only get 260 minutes.

How does this compare to what you could get if you weren’t so concerned about the color of the phone?

You can sometimes get a reconditioned LG 225 camera phone which comes with double minutes for life plus a 400 minute one-year card (worth 800 minutes when doubled) for $100 plus taxes. With the commonly available 200 minute promo code this works out to 1000 minutes plus a phone for $100 plus taxes. This is the best Tracfone deal, but it isn't always available.

Instead, since the pink Tracfone Motorola C139 is also a double minutes phone, so you could add a one year card instead to your purchase and end up spending $125 for those 1000 minutes plus a phone. Not bad.

So it’s up to you and how much you like pink?