Compared to the rest of the cell world

by Bob H
(North-Central Indiana)

I just came off of a 3 year stint with SPRINT...(yeah, I know, that's a lot of pain)... At $66 bucks a month, my wife & I could only afford the one cell phone which we shared.

After reading a bunch of material about which service and which phone to choose, I jumped into a TracFone deal, and chose the LG 420g.

I bought the phone bundled with a double minutes for-the-life-of-the-phone deal (costing a whopping $19.95 + tax, of course), and also a One-Year-of service-plus-400-minute-card (costing $99 + tax). The phone came with a BOOKLET full of coupons for pretty good minute-purchasing deals, one of which gave me an extra 200 minutes on the One-Year plan. So now I have a phone with one year+ of service and 1000+ minutes, for a grand total of $120!

I live in what is considered strictly 'SPRINT' territory, and have suffered lousy reception in our rural area of the county as I mentioned for 3 years, thinking it was the best I could do. WRONG! The LG420g in combination with the TracFone service (ATT partnered) gives me 3-4 bars signal strength in areas where I've NEVER HAD BETTER THAN 1 BAR over the last 3 years. Everything I read about this inexpensive phone (and TracFone in general) was correct! It gets the very best reception and the clearest sounding calls of any of the dozen or so of mine, or my friends' phones/services!

After experiencing the great quality of this package of phone and minutes, I duplicated my purchase and now my wife & I each have a phone for a total cost for a year's service that's about 1/2 the cost of a poorly functioning single SPRINT line!

I have nothing against SPRINT. They never 'screwed' me in any way, (other than claiming the best service in this area), and I am not one for band-standing, BUT, I can DEFINITELY say that the LG420g is the best-working-skinny-little-simple-camera-equipped-inexpensive-phone out there.....PERIOD

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Nov 07, 2010
LG 420g compared to the rest of the world...add-in
by: Bob H

I might add...

When I went with TracFone, I also ported my old cell number over to TracFone.

I had read that there could be a horrible waiting period (up to 10 days!) if I wanted to port an old number, Even being warned by TracFone customer service. Well, I did it anyways, and I was totally (and pleasantly) surprised that at around 10am of the very next day, my phone was working!

I had to call customer service because I had a bit of trouble starting my voice mail box, and during the conversation with them, even TracFone personnel were surprised by the quick turn-around with the porting.

About TracFone's customer service: I believe that they are located 'south-of-the-border' so, if you need to speak with them, be prepared to listen VERY carefully, and if need-be don't be afraid to ask politely that they speak slowly, so you can understand them. The 3 different people I spoke with, had VERY heavy Mexican accents, but were also very courteous and understanding, (they had just as much trouble understanding me, I'm sure)!

I just thought I should add the extra info, and I will tell you that I am, at least so far, completely satisfied with TracFone's customer service as well as their cell service. They still have (with the LG 420g) the best reception I've ever encountered.

Nov 02, 2010
Glads you're happy with the phone
by: sb (admin)


Thanks for your detailed comments. Also glad that you're happy with your phone and plan.


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