Confused about Calling Bahamas

by Elaine K.
(Thibodaux,La. USA)

Bahamas on Basic International Calling List

Bahamas on Basic International Calling List

I try to call the Bahamas and get a busy signal for several different numbers. It also shows on the screen call restriction 5. I dialed 1-800-706-3839 HELP

Hi Elaine,

In terms of making the international call, I believe you're doing it correctly, and that the problem seems to be on Tracfone's end. However, the second thing you mentioned, about the call restriction appears to be some other problem.

Calling Bahamas

I looked up the list of international destinations available under their Basic International calling feature. Bahamas is on the list both for calls to landlines and to cell phones.

So I got out one of my Tracfone and made a test call to a Government of Bahamas phone number as a test. The call did NOT go through, and I got the message that this country may not be a valid destination. However, as we can see on the list, it IS a valid destination.

Calling Customer Support

So I went ahead and called customer support and was eventually transferred to the International Calling department, which was unfortunately also based outside the United States. They were unable to help me.

I suspect that this country has (temporarily) been removed from the Basic International list and now requires using the new $10 Global calling card, but I don't really know.

I will update this reply if I can get through to Auris Technology, which actually runs the international calling feature for Tracfone.

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