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Phone Number and Email and Live Chat Link

Phone Number

You can reach Tracfone Customer Service in the U.S. at this number:


Use a landline or a separate phone to call. I believe this number also works for Safelink Wireless (with a separate menu option).

Contact Form

You can also go through their contact form on their site. While this is a little slower, it's sometimes easier to describe the problem by writing it down.

Via Email

I've notice some Tracfone reps scan the forums and YouTube videos for support questions, and they give the following email addresses to reach them:

TF.CorpResolutionTeam [at]

The above email works for issues with both Tracfone and Straight Talk phones. There's a separate address below for issue with Net10 phones:

NT.CorpResolutionTeam [at]

Via Chat

They have a live chat on their website, however, it can have its own drawbacks. For example, after being frustrated in my attempt to buy a 1GB data as a service add-on, I chose to leave feedback on their site. At the end of the feedback form, there was a suggestion to use the live chat instead. When I clicked on it, this is what I saw:

However, it's still worth trying this out before hitting the phone or email.

About the Team

Tracfone Customer Service Video

Pretty nice TracFone video.

Of course, your experience may be different, and I do hear some complaints every now and then. I found this home-made video. They seem like a nice group of people.

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