Consumer Cellular Review

Part 3 - Additional Features and Conclusion

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2 - Basic and Smart Phones

3 - Features & Conclusion

4 - User Reviews & Questions

Free Customer Service Calls

Dial 611 from your Cell Phone

You can make free customer service calls from your phone by dialing 611. You can get help with managing your account or with how to use certain features. You will not be charged any usage minutes for these calls. You cannot use this number for directory assistance.

If you're NOT calling from your cell phone, you can dial their toll-free number. They offer both live customer support as well as other resources such as list of frequently answered questions and tutorial videos.

Toll-Free Support Phone Number 1-888-345-5509

You can reach Customer Support at 1-888-345-5509 from 5 am to 6 pm Pacific Time on weekdays and 6 am to 5pm PT on weekends. Their call centers are based in Arizona (Phoenix) and Oregon (Portland and Redmond).

Check Your Usage

In your contacts, there is a separate phone number you can call to check your usage. When you call that number you are asked to enter the last four digits of your social security number before they tell you how many minutes you've used and how many you have left. This call is also free.

International Calling

There are two kinds of international calls you can make with your phone. You should try to avoid one kind and DEFINITELY avoid the other kind.

Calls from the US to other countries

For calls from the US to other countries, you are charged your usual minutes plus an additional fee which varies depending on where you’re calling. This additional fee seems to be at least 20 cents per minute extra. You would pay less if you used international calling cards instead.

(Don't Make) Calls from Outside the US

Calls from outside the United States are charged exorbitant roaming rates of at least $1 to $3 a minute. Even worse, if someone calls you, you are charged even if you don’t answer the phone!

So the motto with when traveling abroad is to “Leave Home Without It!”. At least, turn it off when you are outside the US, and don't turn it back on until you are back on shore.

Why Consumer Cellular Could Be For You

If you want

  • high quality phones
  • high quality service
  • reasonable prices and rates
  • and

  • no long-term contracts

then it may be for you.

Referrals - Refer a Friend

Consumer Cellular referral form

You can earn a $10 credit with the Refer a Friend program. That person who is referred also gets credit. At certain times of the year such as around some holidays, they raise the referral credit to $20.

When your friends sign up, they have to enter the phone number of the person that referred them.

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