Crystal clear sound quality

by Mike B.
(Cleveland, Ohio)

I've had the phone since it first hit the U.S market. The features are more than enough for me. What I like best about the phone and Net10 are the crystal clear sound quality and full signal strength everywhere I go. There is a reason for this. Net10 through Tracfone buys access from AT&T and T-Mobile to provide a footprint across 85% of the U.S.

AT&T and T-Mobile have different cell tower networks for their prepaid and postpaid customers. With Net10 you always have access to 100% of their carriers towers. Features are secondary once you hit the send key. Connection on every call, superb sound quality, 10 cents a minuet including long distance and roaming, and more features than you will probably ever use, are more than enough reasons why I recommend Samsung's T201G and Net10 to anyone who might ask.

Need to flip open to check time?

by riffraff
(Kansas City)

The single most irritating factor with this phone is that you have to open the phone to see what time it is, even though it has an external screen. I have NEVER owned a flip-phone with an external LCD that didn't let you press one of the side rocker-buttons to activate the external LCD backlight. If you wear a wristwatch, I suppose this is forgiveable, but to me it smacks of poor design decisions.

Re: external screen
by: Anonymous

If you press the side button for 1-2 seconds the external screen will display.

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Jul 10, 2009
by: admin

Thanks Mike. I appreciate your comments and the clear description Net10's coverage. I'm glad you're happy with the T201g phone.

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