Downloading java apps to the LG840G

by David
(N. Bonneville, WA, USA)

I think I have tried everything but have not been able to install a java app to my cellphone. I specifically want to get Google Maps or a similar travel site, and also the java Tools app.
So how do I download java apps to my phone?

Hi David,

You can download Java apps from this phone from sites like When you use your phones browser to go to the site, it will say that it doesn't recognize your phone and ask you to choose what kind of phone it is. Choose the "J2ME" option. From there you can explore various apps and download and install them.

Google Maps

For Google Maps, you can use the phone's web browser to go to the site and select the "more" link. That will take you to a page that has two Java apps: YouTube and Google Maps. You can ignore the YouTube app because it doesn't work - it installs but won't play videos.

You can however, download and install the Google Maps application. When you select the link, you will get a message that it is an "Untrusted Midlet" - you select "Continue" at this point. After all, if you can't trust Google, who can you trust! Anyway, then selecting "Download" should download the app and you can then launch it.

The app works fine though it takes a while to get used to the interface. One thing to note is that the maps app has no access to GPS info, so you have to enter everything in your self. For driving directions, you have to enter your starting and ending points. Still, it does work.

More Info

For more info about how the apps system works, you may want to check out this Facebook page about the 840g. That page also contains a link to a Kindle book about this phone that goes into more details about running apps on this phone.


I find that I often have to "refresh" the WiFi connection in the beginning otherwise I get a "Connection Unavailable" message.

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