Tracfone LG 840g Review

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Part 2 - Video and User Reviews

Here's a Video review of this phone. See features like the WiFi and Web-browser in action.


You can find more reviews on YouTube which cover similar ground. I also won't reproduce the specs that are available on the CNET site.

Got One

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Your Questions and Reviews

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LG 840g Volume 
This is a good phone the only problem I find is when a call comes in I can barely hear them with the volume up to #7. I asked my husband to try it out …

Not Connecting to Wi-Fi 
Have LG 840G and no matter what I do I can not connect to my Wi-Fi. I tried refresh, adding same network name, checked for security code until I see it …

Problem getting Facebook or e-mail to work 
QVC had this phone for sale. Sounded like a good deal. Triple minutes for life, replacement warranty if phone was broken. Nice phone if facebook app. would …

Downloading java apps to the LG840G Not rated yet
I think I have tried everything but have not been able to install a java app to my cellphone. I specifically want to get Google Maps or a similar travel …

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