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by Debra
(Broadview, Illinois)

I set up my email but when I try and email my pictures that people send me (via picture message?) to my email account it tells me email not configured. I can't figure out what to do. Why is there no directions on how to use all the features of this phone? I am new to touch screen phones or any fancy phones.

I would like to know and use all the capabilities of this phone. If it weren't for your youtube video I would not know how to use the radio. By the way my reception is perfect. I guess it depends on where you are. Can you listen to the radio without headphones?

Where do you get this microSD memory card and where do you put it. If that little slot is for the memory card, how can that work with my pc? I do not have a slot that small on my computer. Is it that little empty slot when you open the back of the phone? But where do you buy this, my phone did not come with one but I see a slot and the only way to access this is from taking of the back of the phone. Thank you for your help.

Hi Debra,

Thanks for your questions. Let me start with your question about sending photos first.

Forwarding pictures to email

When you receive a picture message, you can choose to forward it as a picture message to an email address. This does not require setting up an email account, but does require setting up a contact in your phone book with an email address. You can then choose to send the picture via picture message to the email address. I used to do this for older Tracfones where email and even bluetooth transfer were not available.

Email on EX124G

Let's assuming you do want to use your email account to send your photos. You said you've already set up your email account, but for the sake of other readers I'll go through the process here.

Click the envelope icon at the bottom of your touchscreen or click the leftmost icon at the bottom to bring up the Main Menu and then click Messages and then click on Email. If you have setup your email, it will ask if you want to download your recent messages. Say no here if you want to to configure a new email account.

Setup Email Account

Scroll down in the email menu and then select "Email Accounts". Select Options -> New account and click Yes to create a new email account for the phone. This is not a completely "new" account but simply a new setup on the phone for accessing one of your existing accounts such as a Gmail or Yahoo account.

Next enter the email address you'll be using. Let's say, in this case, it's a Yahoo account. Then enter your Yahoo email address. Use the "SYM" key to find the "@" character. Then, click Options -> Next.

Enter your username, then select Options -> Next.

Enter your password, then select Options -> Next.

Enter a name for this email account such as "Yahoo" and select Options -> Done.

You will be presented with a list of your accounts. Select the one you just created to activate it and set it as the default email account. The next time you go to Email, you will be asked if you want to download, and if you say Yes, the phone will download email for this account.

You can also choose "No" to the download question and go back to the main Email menu and click on "Inbox" to retrieve a list of your messages. Note it may take a while in both instances to access the mail server to retrieve your email messages.

You may be asked to choose whether to use the IMAP or POP protocol. For Gmail and Yahoo you can choose the IMAP because that's usually better. For Hotmail I think you have to choose POP as IMAP access is not yet available (when I last checked) for Hotmail.

Once you've checked that your email is working, you can go ahead and finally email your pictures.

Save Photo from Picture Message in Folder

After you receive a photo via picture message, you need to save it to your Photos folder before you can send it via email. When viewing the photo in your picture message, click:

Options -> Save objects -> Picture. Change the name (from something like Photo-0009) if you want and click Options -> Done. You will be asked if you want to "Use file" (as a wallpaper etc.) and select No.

Send Photo Via Email

Go to your Menu -> Messages -> Email (say no to Download messages) and select Compose email. Fill in the "To:" field with the email address of the recipient and then select the very last in the list of fields and click Edit to bring up the list of attachments for the email. Click on the first empty field and then find the photo in the Photos folder of your phone and click Back. That field should now show a small icon indicating an attachment.

Click below where it says "Medium" (indicating priority) to enter the text part of the email and click options done. You will be told the email size and asked "OK to Send" select "Yes" and then select Send.

Normally, I would say this is too much of a hassle for sending picture messages you receive from friends because it's easier to just forward them as picture messages to an email contact. However, if you take a nice photo with your phones 3 MP camera and you want to send it at full resolution then you could consider sending it via email though the larger file will mean it will take a lot longer (and use up more airtime) to send.

I usually prefer to transfer those nice photos to the computer via Bluetooth or directly via the card which brings me to your next question.

MicroSD Card

You do indeed have to open up the back of the phone to insert the microsd card on the slot on the lower left. Most of these cards come with an SD adapter. When you want to transfer the files from the card directly into the computer, you insert it into the SD card adapter and then insert that into the SD card slot of your computer.

Most computers made in the last few years should have an SD card slot. If not, then you would need to get an SD card reader.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Sep 29, 2011
Trouble getting E-mail to work: for outgoing and incoming messages
by: Jim (Westchester, CA)

Having trouble getting E-mail to work for outgoing and incoming messages. Message after "send" is "failed". Also getting "Not authenticated" message. Info on how to enter e-mail message very helpful. E-mail account created per tutorial instructions. Anyone have similar problems and/or fixes?

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