entrepeneur looking for a no contract phone to call UK from US

by Tom Hall
(St Petersburg,Fl .U.S.)

Looking for a no contract phone able to call UK from US for business and personal. Please help if possible.

Sincerely Tom Hall

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your question. Since you posted this on the Virgin Mobile let me go over that first. From looking at their international rates page, it looks like you can call the UK for 20 cents per minute (this is in addition to your normal airtime charges). Virgin Mobile is based on Sprint network, so I also checked out another carrierwhich uses the same network such as . . .

PlatinumTel (out of business

On this company's international rates page, you can actually drill down to the specific mobile phone networks in the UK and get a precise rate for calling each. For example to call Orange Mobile UK cell phones from the US on your PlatinumTel phones costs a total of 17 cents (not on top of your usual airtime rate). So this looks like a better deal.

Both Virgin and PlatinumTel have monthly no-contract plans in addition to their standard prepaid plans.

AT&T GoPhone
It's possible to call the UK using an AT&T Gophone as well however, from what I can find out, it costs about 49 cents per minute which is more than twice as much.

There are more options, and I'll try to update this later, but this should get you started.

sb (admin)

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May 28, 2011
by: Dr. M

For land-line service, you can't beat Magic Jack. It is world wide - anywhere broadband internet service is available. You'll want a Magic jack dongle on each end. You must buy the dongle and the service in the US, but you can use the dongle anywhere in the world. A five-year plan with a warranty on the dongle, might cost you $120, for an average cost of only $2 a month for virtually unlimited calls. Magic jack doesn't do FAX well (or at all) but who needs FAX when you can just attach a document to email.

If you must have cellular service, then TracFone and Net10, both prepaid plans, allow international calls for the same cost as domestic calls to most European countries -- maybe $0.10 a minute if you buy a double-minutes for life phone.

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