External screen no longer turns off after timeout

by Marv

I'd like to have the time & date (on the external screen)time out and turn off like it did went I got the phone. The front display stay on with time & date dimly lit all the time making my battery turn down.

Hi Marv,

Thanks for you question. Unfortunately, I haven't found any way of changing the behavior on the external screen on my phone.

This is how my LG 420g's external screen behaves. When I close the phone, the external screen goes on for about one second, dims briefly and then turns off completely.

After it's closed, if I press one of the side buttons, the screen goes on brightly for about 30 seconds, then dims briefly (one or two seconds) then turns off.

As I said, I don't know of any way to change this. I've tried turning Bluetooth on and off to see if that has any effect, and it doesn't. I tried changing the duration of the main screen's backlight, but that also has no effect.Even my Power Save setting is set to "Off", so that doesn't help either.

Hopefully, someone else will find the solution if there is one.

sb (admin)

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Feb 03, 2012
LG420G external screen freeze
by: Jack B

Thanks, Mark R, for the info. I've had this LG420G for 6 months, and it froze for the first time today. I tried varying all of the settings to no avail. I just now turned it off and back on, and the external backlight turned off as it should. Humph!!! If it doesn't happen too often, I probably can accept the flaw considering it was $15 at Target.

Aug 25, 2011
Display still showing after backlight goes off.
by: Anonymous

I too have an LG420G and this one is my second. The first one was reconditioned as is the replacement phone I now have. I found that the display is still able to be seen after the backlight goes out when the alarm or a calendar event is set on both phones. My first LG420G did that from the moment I got it in January 2011 and by August 11 it had froze and I got a replacement ordered, had it in hand by FedEX Monday the 15th. I'm not sure if the replacement phone will "follow in the footsteps" of my first LG420G but I sure hope not. I don't understand why this particular phone is still being sold if everybody is having the same technical malfunction happening to their phone, this is not fair and something needs to be done because essentially, people ARE getting RIPPED OFF!

Jun 15, 2011
Screen Freeze
by: Mark R.

Try turning your 420 off and on. This fixed my "screen freeze" on the first try and still works, if I need to fix the freeze. If you use the alarm feature, even once, that will freeze your screens also. Then off/on will return the phone to normal backlight/sleep mode. I have had 3 or 4 Motorolas over several years and not once had this problem with any of them. If you don't mind "Off and Oning" every freeze up, you may want to keep the 420, until some other bug pops up, or not. It's hard to beat the price and features. I am seriously considering returning my 2nd 420, because of this apparent freeze defect. I hope this info. will be of some help.

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