Failed phone swap

by Darryl

I tried doing a phone swap online and it failed. I've done this before so I knew how to do it correctly. After 5 days, 3 phone calls to support and a couple of emails I still don't have a working phone.

Neither the original phone nor the phone I was trying to switch to have worked in the last 5 days. They keep telling me to wait 24 hours and try again. I have done this over and over again and it has failed every time. It's ridiculous that they can't correct this problem. I have removed my payment source from my Virgin Mobile account and will not be paying them another cent.

2013 UPDATE: I had no problems doing a phone swap from a Kyocera Kona to an LG Optimus Elite.

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Aug 30, 2010
Brand new phone I can't use
by: Anonymous

I have had th same problem. I had to get a new virgin mobile phone because my other one got damaged. I have been trying to swap new phone for like 3 or 4 days now online and it failed to do so. I called virgin mobile and finally got ahold of someone after 3 days. I talk to customer service and he tells me that the only way I can swap my phone is if I start up a monthly plan. I don't have that type of money right now. So in other word I have a perfectly brand new phone that I can't use. I have money from a top up card still left from my previous phone that I can't use. WTF!!!! I'm soo pissed.

Mar 21, 2010
Thanks for the comments.
by: admin


Sorry to hear about your troubles, but thanks for your comments.

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