Functional and well-priced

by Angela C.
(Vancouver, BC)

I love this phone! I got it last August, when I signed up for a new cell phone plan. It's small and light, which I really like because I can stick it in a small purse when I'm going out, or slip it into my pocket if I'm not bringing a bag.

The sound quality is great, I've never had a problem hearing what the other person is saying. The camera's so-so, it takes pretty small pictures - but honestly, I don't ever use the camera portion, so I don't care.

The text messaging is pretty standard. The T9 is good, and it will even learn words. The only thing that annoys me is that it always tries to fill in 'congressional' when I'm trying to type 'coming,' like "I'm coming soon". Aside from that it's cool.

The phone comes with some wallpapers that are not bad, and some color themes that are pretty cute. I prefer function over form, so I don't *really* care what color my menu is, but some people do. So now you know.

Anyway overall I like the phone. It's handy, was stupid cheap, and it works just fine.

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Oct 08, 2009
Thanks for the informative Motorola W375 review
by: admin


A belated thanks for an informative review! Pretty funny about your phone guessing "congressional" when you want "coming", especially as it's such a common word. Perhaps they've fixed the problem on newer versions or on the new W377g.

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