Net10 Motorola W375 Review

The Net10 Motorola W375 is (was) one of Net10’s most popular phones. The Razr-like flip phone has a VGA camera and even an FM radio for listening to music through a headset. Released a couple of years ago, it was the first camera phone available for Net10 just as prepaid cell phones were becoming more mainstream. The rubberized keypad is a sturdy design that helps keep the dust from sneaking in and getting to the screen area. This phone was first replaced by the W377g, and has now been followed by the W408g.

Important Features

Unlike current Net10 handsets, the Motorola W375 came with 300 Minutes and 60 Days of Service upon activation, which is a $30 value.

Take Pictures with VGA Camera

The W375 comes with a VGA Camera.

The W375's camera is good enough for sending picture messages but not for printing – you need a real digital camera for that, and even the cheapest digital camera will give you better pictures than most high-end phones.

So you can look at your pictures on the “vivid color display”, or …

Send Picture Messages

You can send picture messages, attaching a picture you’ve taken with the phone’s camera or a picture that someone else has sent you. When you’re done with that you can relax and …

Listen to the FM Radio

If you have a hands-free headset, you can plug it in and pass the time listening to the FM radio on the Net10 Motorola W375. That even sounds like a radio station! Anyway, it should be great for when you’re waiting at the checkout and the person in front of you has 50 items or more.

The standard features are included as well.

Basic Features


It’s easy to set up voicemail. Just follow the instructions. You will get charged airtime for checking voicemail, but not much, usually 1-2 minutes unless it’s a really long message.

Call Waiting and Caller ID

There’s Call Waiting and Caller ID combine neatly so you can decide whether to interrupt your call or not. It’s a standard feature because it’s useful.

Hands-free Speaker

Yes, it does have one. It’s convenient for group greetings with the kids. I don’t recommend using it as a headset substitute in the car.

Ring Styles

It has the standard ring styles: “ring”, “vibrate”, and “vibrate then ring”. The last one’s good if you don’t want to disturb others around you but still want to make sure you don’t miss the call if you don’t catch the vibrate.


This phone comes with a few standard ringtones, but if you’re not satisfied with them you can . . .

Buy Ringtones

From the Net10 website, you can buy ringtones for your phone. You may want to choose something distinctive if you want to announce the call or something discreet if you don’t. If you think of calls mainly as interruptions, then you want something that’s not too jarring.

Graphics and Games


Similarly, while there are a few standard wallpapers that come with the W375, you can choose to buy and download additional graphics to use as your wallpaper.


There are a few free games included. Nothing too complicated, but again something you could use to pass the time if stuck somewhere.

Alarm Clock

This is great feature when you travel. Go ahead and set the hotel’s alarm clock but don’t rely on it. Use your phone’s alarm as a backup!

Stop Watch

Unless you’re a runner or an efficiency buff, the stopwatch is probably not as useful to you as the …


Always good to have when coming home late and the porch light is off.


You can set up your appointments on this phone. Don’t need to set up appointments? How about a weekly lunch date with your honey?


There is a basic calculator so you can add up your savings at the supermarket – or not.


The phonebook allows you to store up to 100 contacts. This is smaller than most. If you need a bigger phonebook, why not get the LG600 instead.

A Few Extras

While you may not use them, keep in mind that you can sign up for additional data services such as


You can get some headline news delivered to your phone as text messages.


Get the daily weather sent to you.



A separates news services gives you the latest sports stories.

You will be charged airtime for using these services.

Finally some hardware info.

Basic Motorola W375 Info

Size and Weight

The phone is fairly lightweight at 3.4 oz. You can get lighter phones these days, but it’s not going to kill you.

Battery Life

Talk Time

The irrelevant Talk Time is about. 7.5 hours (450 minutes) which you’re probably not going to need, but the more relevant ...

Standby Time

Standby time is about 6 days which is somewhat short. If you’re in the habit of charging your phone every night anyway, this should not be a hassle. Just remember to take your chargers on your trips.

Included Accessories:

You get just the standard battery, AC charger, and required SIM Card. You can buy an additional accessory kit which includes a headset and car charger for a few bucks more.

If you want more info check out the …

Owner’s Manual

Get the Net10 Motorola W375 Owner’s Manual(pdf).

All in all, the W375 remains a popular and attractive option if you want a good camera phone to go with a Net10 10-cents-a-minute plan.

Get One

While this phone is no longer available, you can still get a good deal on a Motorola flip phone at Net10.

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