Net10 Motorola W377g Review

Camera, Bluetooth, and FM Radio Phone

The black Net10 Motorola W377g is similar to the W375 with the addition of Bluetooth headset compatibility. Other than the model number is appears to be a clone of the silver W376g offered by Tracfone. The two other prominent features are a VGA camera and an FM radio all in a compact Razr-like body.


The Motorola W408g is now available. This version adds a megapixel camera and mp3 player to this line of phones.

Here’s a rundown of some of the phone specifications that may be relevant to you.

Main Features


The W377g has a VGA camera. The 640 x 480 pixel images are okay for sending via picture message to phone numbers or email addresses.


You can pair the phone with a standard Bluetooth headset.

FM Radio

You can use a headset to listen to the FM radio in the phone. You have to use a regular wired headset which also functions as the antenna. This can be a good way to pass the time when waiting in line somewhere.

Net10 Phone Plan Features

300 Minutes Free?

The W377g when it was first sold included 300 minutes free upon activation like all Net10 phones at the time. This is no longer the case. Activation is free.

10 Cents or Less per Minute

Calls within the United States cost 10 cents or less per minute. There are no roaming charges. Unlike Tracfone, you don’t have to go hunting for airtime promo codes for bonus minutes to reduce your rate. If you use about 150 minutes a month, Net10's pay as you go plan is perfect at $30 every two months. Higher usage can be had at a lower rate but higher monthly cost.

Text Messages

All text messages cost 0.5 minutes to send and receive. If you text a lot, look for a phone with a QWERTY keyboard.

International Calls

You can set up international calling on your Net10 phone. Calls to over 60 destinations cost just 15 cents a minute. International texting is not supported.

Additional Services

Download Ringtones and Graphics

You can use your airtime balance to download additional ringtones and graphics from directly from Net10. On the other hand you may be satisfied with the 25 pre-loaded ringtones (two of them mp3).


You can set up voicemail, which is free except for the airtime used. Call waiting and Caller ID.

Hands-free Speaker

The handsfree speaker comes in handy when more than one person wants to be in on the call such as holiday and birthday wishes.

Physical Features

Size and Weight

The Motorola W377g weigh 3.49 ounces which is not bad for a flip phone. It measures 3 7/8 x 1 ¾ x ¾ inches.

Battery Life

The phone specs show a relatively high talk time of just over 6 hours and a standby time of 15 days. The actual battery life is usually less, but you can improve it by reducing the time the screen stays lighted and turning off the Bluetooth radio when not using it.

User Manual

Here a link to the Net10 Motorola W377g manual (pdf). It's a combined W377g/W376g manual direct from Motorola so some features may not be applicable to the Net10 version.


The W377g shares a common set of accessories with the W175g, W260g and W376g Motorola phones. You can get an accessory pack that includes a car charger and (wired) handsfree headset from Net10.

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This Motorola w377 was great if you wanted a compact, stylish feature phone with Bluetooth headset compatibility.

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